Foliae Surfaces’ CORIUM line represents innovation in the field of wallcoverings. CORIUM line is an outdoor wall decoration, supplied in rolls as normal wallpaper. Thanks to the application system developed by Foliae Surfaces, CORIUM can cover the external facades of buildings without undergoing discoloration or damage over time by atmospheric agents.

CORIUM line is supplied with a hanging system: it consists of adhesive and finish that allow you to prepare the wall for the wallpaper hanging and to seal the surface of the product itself, avoiding the infiltration of water and moisture or the bleaching of inks by UV radiation.

Like every Foliae Surfaces’ wallpaper collection, also CORIUM line is produced using UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified inks and with prints that meet the Agbb³criteria.

Our graphic studio Atelier Foliae will support you in the realization of the creative project for your house facade, pool or garden wall.

The hanging of our wallpapers should be performed by experienced installers. First, the wall must be prepared, shaved and its compactness must be checked; the adhesive must be applied according to the indications and quantities necessary for the correct clinging of the product fiber. After the time necessary for the adhesive curing, the finish can be applied to ensure the protection of inks and resistance to atmospheric agents.

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