Our catalogue has been enriched with a new section dedicated to the free expression of Atelier Foliae’s graphic designers. Their ideas and thoughts were left free to express themselves, without a basic theme to tie them or force them within the narrow stakes of a road traced by others… We have obtained a series of graphics that are unique pieces, with stylistic references that derive from the training and experience of each.
They are the outcome of the emotions and sensations of the moment. A gift that Atelier Foliae makes to its customers, the ones who will be able to grasp the uniqueness of these expressions.

Japan Art takes inspiration from Japan, by the walls covered with rice paper, typical of Ryokan, and its ponds full of water lilies and koi carp.

Geo Art, an infinite repetition of the hexagon, the perfect polygon, which contains all the symbolism at the basis of the “Flower of Life”.

Exotic Art: gesture, color and energy. The strength of Nature.

City Art: the gesture of a memory, the line that defines a dimension.