Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti

Signum collection, with an archaeological habit, “digs” into the most ancient figurative and decorative finds to re-discover drawings, decorations and suggestions open to a new interpretation for contemporary living.

Signum collection is a series derived from the study of famous prehistoric discoveries (rock engravings -archaeology of the past) and some proposals that use signs of current life (Olympia – “archaeology of the future”).

Background colors and textures are also customizable with Infinite collection colors.



Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti

Midas, adopted son of Gordius and Cybele, was a mythical king of Phrygia. He is well known in Western culture due to his ability to transform into gold whatever he touched.
Mida collection, therefore, aims to investigate the multiple expressive possibilities of metallic surfaces, patinas and the bright effects typical of precious surfaces.

The collection consists of different expressive solutions: I Preziosi, Le Patine, Cesello, Inserti.


I Preziosi are surfaces related to gold and silver leaves, traditional decoration techniques obtained from precious materials laminations in very thin plates and some satin metal surfaces.

The particularity of Mida collection lies in the materic relief reproduction.


Le Patine are an interesting proposal that enhances the pleasant chromatic variation that time imposes, with its slow flow, on the metal surface: bronze, iron, and copper are transformed giving versatile variations.

Cesello is characterized by surfaces grooved by signs, engravings, and decorations in which the depth and variation of emerging metals constitute a personal expressive code.

Cesello was created to give life to a line of surfaces that emphasize, through the reproduction of drawings in relief, the micro-geometries and macro-geometries of Infinite Collection.

Cesello line, with micro- and macro-geometries, is available in gold and silver relief colors and it is applied on solid surfaces of Infinite collection (16 colors) and custom colors.

Inserti enriches Foliae Surfaces Collections as it uses metal surface application techniques to enhance some details of the design of Foglie, Signum, and Le Città invisibili collections. It also customizes the designs proposed by customers.



Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti

Le Città invisibili (Invisible Cities) Collection is a tribute to the famous story by Italo Calvino. The history of cities narrated by Marco Polo at the court of Kublai Kan are the pretext to derive from each description suggestions to animate a drawing, an image able to characterize the surfaces of interior architecture.

Background colors and textures are also customizable with the Infinite collection colors.



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