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Skyline is a stylized postcard, a “wire” design embellished with a flower where you would not expect it, by the presence of a bright trail or by the lights of a fiery sunset that change the perception of colours and volumes.

A contemporary and artistic reinterpretation of the City theme, able to valorize with taste and decision even large commercial and recreational spaces.



Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti

Le Città invisibili (Invisible Cities) Collection is a tribute to the famous story by Italo Calvino. The history of cities narrated by Marco Polo at the court of Kublai Kan are the pretext to derive from each description suggestions to animate a drawing, an image able to characterize the surfaces of interior architecture.

Background colors and textures are also customizable with the Infinite collection colors.



Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti

Foglie collection originates from natural textures to create, at different scales, decorative motifs proposing full-wall designs, stems intertwining, compositions repeated in order to form a rhythmic texture. A wide variety of colors and combination that provide a significant expressiveness for the decoration of interiors.

In 2023, the Foglie collection, our distinctive and bestseller since the birth of the brand, evolved into a more aggressive and urban interpretation while the choice of colors recalls the soft tones suggested by chromotherapy.

Background colors and textures are also customizable with the Infinite collection colors, in order to offer new ideas to redefine the character of any interior.

Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti