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Films + Panels

The high resistance of fiberglass meets the warmth and pleasantness of linen and hemp, natural fibres that give us a versatile product, easily usable in various environments and different applications. Shantung fibre lends itself as a backlit partition or a high-end upholstery; its extraordinary mechanical performance makes it a product suitable for recreational, commercial and high-traffic environments but it is also ideal for domestic environments.

Shantung is sold in rolls of 1300 mm height with a length of between 10 and 100 m.Thickness 300 my, medium weight 80g/m2. Shantung is post-formable.
On request, we can also supply MDF panels or other substrates already covered with Shantung.




Within the choice of materials there are a series of performance considerations, data analysis and aging tests that lead to the determination of the best raw materials to use.

At Foliae Surfaces, you will buy an elegant product, durable and guaranteed to withstand over time, free from harmful emissions and with low environmental impact.

We offer a wide range of paper, natural or recycled fabrics for product manufacturing. We are among the main users of post-consumption PET from recycled bottles (re-introduced into the industrial cycle after careful selection) for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

This product, mechanically resistant, with a smooth surface and pleasant to the touch, completes the main printing and finishing techniques to create the surface decorations.