The Infinite wallpaper collection (Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti), granted the 2021 Good Design Award, seeks out the multiple expressive possibilities of colour.

The Infinite collection – which include previous structural variations , micro and macro-geometries – have been implemented with a series of 21 trendy nuances for 2023, encoded by an NCS colour code (NCS license ®© 3.0 – Italy).

As usual, the collection is open to further customization. Our graphic office Atelier Foliae can reproduce, on request, all the shades of the NCS color chart, being Foliae a licensee of the trademark NCS.



In 2023 the Infinite collection is integrated with a new and complete series of composition and decorations: a geometric base is combined with floreal designs and artistic touches, which use the entire range of NCS in the catalogue, in a vibrant explosion of colour.
As usual, also for this new release, the Infinite section makes use of designs derived from micro and macro-geometries and structural declinations.


In the 22-23 proposal, Infinite is enriched by a new section called Campiture, that reproduces a series of compositions and geometric decorations that use solid colours combined with the NCS colours in the catalogue and the related effects tratto and velato, a further variation of the background used.

The Campiture section can also use drawings derived from the micro and macro-geometry variations. “Circles” is an example of this type of application.


Infinite collection tones can be reproduced in full tonality on different supports that we provide, also with the following surface effects which offer diversified material highlights.

Infinite collection can be enriched by a series of graphic decorations represented with micro and macro-geometries that define new surfaces with texture repetition.





Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti

The art of Lace – Merlettooriginates from a love story. A romantic legend tells that a long time ago in Burano lived a young fisherman named Nicolò, engaged to Maria, a local girl he loved madly. A few days before the wedding, the young man was in the high seas with his boat and was tempted by the fascinating singing of the Mermaids; but since he was newly betrothed, Ulysses resisted the persuasive call and remained faithful to his beloved. The Queen of the Mermaids, impressed by the fisherman’s strong fidelity, swung her tail to strike the side of the young man’s boat, lifting a dazzling mass of foam that formed a magnificent wedding veil, a finely embroidered lace. On the wedding day, Nicolò gave the precious veil to his bride: this gift aroused so much admiration that the women of Burano, with needle and very delicate thread, learned to make a fabric that would be worthy of the wedding gift of the fairy tale. From this tradition, different variations of the art of lace were developed in numerous Regions of Italy (as can be seen in numerous provincial museums). Our Merletto collection honours this tradition by drawing inspiration from it for its own designs.

The art of Lace – Merlettooriginates from a love story. From this tradition, different variations of the art of Lace were developed in numerous Regions of Italy (as can be seen in numerous provincial museums). Our Merletto collection honours this tradition by drawing inspiration from it for its own designs.

For the Merletto Collection, a series of NCS tones have been selected, but the entire collection is reproducible in all the NCS catalogue colours and is open to any further colour customization. Below, a series of possible combinations of the Cantù design with the colours of the Merletto Collection and the Infinite Collection.



  • disegno bianco, sfondo 37

  • disegno 37, sfondo 38

  • disegno 29, sfondo 28

  • disegno 28, sfondo 29

  • disegno bianco, sfondo 39

  • disegno 39, sfondo 40


All the colour variations obtainable with the 40 colours of the catalogue can be reproduced with all the designs of the Merletto Collection.


Lace Pop is a contemporary and modern proposal that explores and expands the expressive possibilities of Merletto. The varying size of the print and the use of bright colours for the background provide a contemporary interpretation of the ancient tradition of Italian Lace.

The Merletto Collection is also available in relief. All the decorations can be reproduced in relief with different chromatic combinations: white decoration on a coloured background, matching two-tone decoration in relief, contrasting two-tone decoration in relief and finally tone-on-tone decoration in relief.

The Merletto Touch Antique Collection integrates the typical Lace decoration with vestiges of ancient decorations, providing the opportunity to reproduce in relief some parts of the design itself.



Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti

Le Città invisibili (Invisible Cities) Collection is a tribute to the famous story by Italo Calvino. The history of cities narrated by Marco Polo at the court of Kublai Kan are the pretext to derive from each description suggestions to animate a drawing, an image able to characterize the surfaces of interior architecture.

Background colors and textures are also customizable with the Infinite collection colors.



Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti

Foglie collection originates from natural textures to create, at different scales, decorative motifs proposing full-wall designs, stems intertwining, compositions repeated in order to form a rhythmic texture. A wide variety of colors and combination that provide a significant expressiveness for the decoration of interiors.

In 2023, the Foglie collection, our distinctive and bestseller since the birth of the brand, evolved into a more aggressive and urban interpretation while the choice of colors recalls the soft tones suggested by chromotherapy.

Background colors and textures are also customizable with the Infinite collection colors, in order to offer new ideas to redefine the character of any interior.

Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti