Infinite collection (Design by Fabrizio Bianchetti), granted the 2021 Good Design Award, seeks out the multiple expressive possibilities of colour, its combinations, complements, comparisons and overlaps.

The drawings of the Infinite collection – which include previous structural variations , micro and macro-geometries – have been implemented with a series of 21 trendy nuances for 2023, encoded by an NCS colour code (NCS license ®© 3.0 – Italy), expanding the range of colours in the catalogue to 53 and giving liveliness to the collection.

This new proposal enriches the already consolidated Foliae Palette: opening up new and infinite chromatic possibilities, able to satisfy all request.

As usual, the collection is open to further customization. Our graphic office Atelier Foliae can reproduce, on request, all the shades of the NCS color chart, being Foliae a licensee of the trademark NCS. This allows us to further expand the expressive offer almost infinitly.


In 2023 the Infinite collection is integrated with a new and complete series of composition and decorations: a geometric base is combined with floreal designs and artistic touches, which use the entire range of NCS in the catalogue, in a vibrant explosion of colour.

As usual, also for this new release, the Infinite section makes use of designs derived from micro and macro-geometries and structural declinations.



In the 22-23 proposal, Infinite is enriched by a new section called Campiture, that reproduces a series of compositions and geometric decorations that use solid colours combined with the NCS colours in the catalogue and the related effects tratto and velato, a further variation of the background used.

The Campiture section can also use drawings derived from the micro and macro-geometry variations. “Circles” is an example of this type of application.


Infinite collection tones can be reproduced in full tonality on different supports that we provide, also with the following surface effects which offer diversified material highlights.

Infinite collection can be enriched by a series of graphic decorations represented with micro and macro-geometries that define new surfaces with texture repetition.