We care deeply for the environment and for this reason our Foliae Research Division has developed a new wallcovering system completely ecological: FOLIAE FOR PLANET.
This system consists of wallpapers printed on 100% recycled materials: natural fibres, agri-food waste resulting from the processing of chocolate and wine and other organic materials such as shells and shellfish. FOLIAE FOR PLANET wallpapers are printed according to Agbb3 criteria with very low VOC emissions, using water-based inks certified according to UL ECOLOGO and UL GREENGUARD GOLD standards. The kit is completed by a glue formulated from natural starches, developed at our Research Center in Como. It is supplied together with the wallpaper sheets made by our graphic laboratory Atelier Foliae.

Foliae For Planet wallpapers are highly ecological and the combination with our special adhesive system, created by or R&D Team, makes the product 100% recyclable with paper or natural fibers and can be reused in circular economy perspective. For this reason, even the packaging in which the installation kit is supplied has been made with recycled materials and can be reused in various situations countless times. A second-life product that will become an ally of your anti-waste initiatives.

FOLIAE FOR PLANET is the sustainable choice for every interior design project. Ecological wallpapers with an irresistible tactile effect and a unique organic feeling that that perfectly fits every project.


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Foliae Surfaces’ goal is to realize customers’ dreams interpreting designers’ suggestions. Our innovative approach is based on eco-friendly materials, unique effects and innovative material structures. We renovate houses, workplaces and create a perfect setting for relaxation and pleasure bringing warmth and character to every environment. At Foliae, the Interior designers will find the perfect solution for every project.


Architect Fabrizio Bianchetti, with a solid knowledge on colors and materials for interior design surfaces, is the artistic director of Foliae Surfaces’ project.
In collaboration with Elena Bianchetti (BIANCHETTIARCHITETTURA SA), they have developed our new collections: Infinite, Foglie, Signum, Le città invisibili and Mida.


Foliae Surfaces, in partnership with Treedom, has financed the planting of 15 trees in Ecuador, Kenya and Cameroon (which equates to a reduction of -1,670 kg/CO2) and plans to expand its stake with six-monthly donations and plans to expand its participation with six-monthly donations.In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, the initiative aims to provide jobs for thousands of farmers in the most deprived areas of the planet and create a flywheel for their development.

With this project, we want to encourage each of us to reflect on the impact that our daily choices have on the future of our planet.