“If on arriving at Trude I had not read the city’s name written in big letters, I would have thought I was landing at the same airport from which I had taken off. The suburbs they drove me through were no different from the others, with the same little greenish and yellowish houses. Following the same signs, we swung around the same flower beds in the same squares. The downtown streets displayed goods, packages, signs that had not changed at all. […] The world is covered by a sole Trude which does not begin and does not end. Only the name of the airport changes”. Italo Calvino.

  • TRUDE 01 – FS21CI01

  • TRUDE 02 – FS21CI02

  • TRUDE 03 – FS21CI03

  • TRUDE 04 – FS21CI04

  • TRUDE 05 – FS21CI05

  • TRUDE 07 – FS21CI07

  • TRUDE 08 – FS21CI08

  • TRUDE 09 – FS21CI09

  • TRUDE 10 – FS21CI10

  • TRUDE 11 – FS21CI11

  • TRUDE 12 – FS21CI12

  • TRUDE 13 – FS21CI13

  • TRUDE 14 – FS21CI14

  • TRUDE 15 – FS21CI15

  • TRUDE 16 – FS21CI16


Soft feel

for home interiors and relaxation areas, characterized by non-vinyl and eco-friendly substrates, with a soft touch feeling surfaces marked by textures that magically intertwine with the prints’ colors.


for wet rooms, characterized by glass fiber substrates which resist to humidity in wet areas keeping the refinement of surface textures.


ideal for highly trafficated outdoor and indoor recreative spaces, where elegance and resistance are combined for the perfect result.


a recycled textile fiber coating particularly appreciated by those who want to cover their interiors with sumptuous, refined and durable materials. This coating recalls the structure and texture of the upholstery used in the last century.